Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of computer do I need to use StudySync?

Any device that supports the web browsers below can be used.

What browser do I need to use StudySync?

If you use Internet Explorer, you will need version 9 or higher. StudySync is compatible with Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Be sure that Cookies (1st Party) are enabled if you are using the Administrative functions of StudySync. IE9 may require changing to 'compatibility' mode in order to view the videos.

Do I need to download any additional applications to use StudySync?

The video on StudySync requires Adobe Flash 10+ for all desktop/laptop browsers. If you do not have Flash loaded in your browser, you will need to get the latest version. To check your version of flash, go here.

What if my school uses filtering software?

If your school uses filtering software, you will need to enable access to:

Will StudySync videos play on my smart phone or iPad?

The videos will play on most mobile devices, including the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

Do I need to enable javascript and cookies to use StudySync?

Yes. StudySync utilizes cookies to enhance the experience and usage of the product. Javascript is required and must be enabled to utilize StudySync.

What do I do if the StudySync TV episode isn't loading?

Check your internet connection speed. SyncSync TV requires a consistent high-speed connection in order to stream video without interruption.

What do I do if I can't hear the audio?

Make sure the volume on your PC is not muted, or the volume on the controller is not turned down.