Frequently Asked Questions

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What mobile platforms are supported by StudySync?

A downloadable StudySync mobile app is available for student users of Apple iPads and iPhones via the Apple Store, ChromeBook devices via the ChromeBook WebStore, Kindle via the Kindle Store, and Android via the Android Store.

What about other platforms?

We are currently working on a Windows tablet app that will be available shortly.

Are all StudySync features available in the mobile app?

Yes, when a student is online. When a student is offline, they will only be able to work on their assignments.

Can I work offline with the Mobile App?

Yes, once you have installed the mobile app, entered a nickname, created a PIN, and the "Sync Status" on the Home screen says Ready, you can then read, watch, listen, annotate, edit, save and submit your assignments while offline. Once you get back online simply launch the StudySync app and it will forward your work back to the StudySync service.

What is a Mobile Access Key and where do I get one?

Mobile Access Keys are available in your Profile in the web application.  This key is used to link the StudySync app to your online account.  Once you create a Mobile Access Key you must use it within 24 hours before it expires.  If your key has expired you will need to go back to your profile and get another one.  Once a key has been used it cannot be reused.

Why do I have to enter a PIN on the Mobile App?

The local device Personal Identification Number (PIN) is used to make sure that only you can see and edit your work assignments.

Why do I have to enter a Nickname on the Mobile App?

Entering a nickname allows multiple students to share a single device.  The nickname you choose is only visible on the mobile device.

What if the device is offline when the assignment due date expires?

When your device is back online just open the app and your online StudySync assignments will be updated to reflect the dates you clicked the submit button in the App.

What if I respond to assignments both online and inside the app while offline?

Online submission of an assignment is considered final and will not be subsequently updated by offline submissions regardless of submission dates.  However other actions you take offline such as annotating should sync to your online account whenever your device is connected.

Can I load the app onto multiple devices?

Yes, but you will have to create a Mobile Access Key for one device at a time.