Frequently Asked Questions

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What is StudySync®?

StudySync is a web-based, comprehensive ELA/ELD curriculum providing a dynamic learning experience designed to engage students, and bolster their ability to think critically about complex texts and issues. 

With StudySync, intentional, connected literacy instruction is made possible using digital tools and engaging print resources to ensure teachers can provide students a systematic path to success. 

For which grade level(s) is StudySync most suitable?

The texts in the StudySync library are suitable for a variety of readers including high school, middle school, and college–level audiences. The library can be filtered by grade, Lexile® level, theme, and more.

How can I best integrate StudySync into my classroom?

StudySync's unique design allows teachers to integrate and customize lessons and content into their current classroom curriculum in any way they choose. Teachers have access to both a core ELA curriculum with 4 thematic units at each grade level and rich libraries of resources, including diverse texts with writing prompts and carefully–scripted video lessons, current-event Blasts providing real world connections, and Skills lessons in which students receive direct instruction and practice on standards-based skills.  With innovative tools for online peer review, as well as flexible classroom management and teacher assessment, StudySync allows for a truly customized classroom curriculum. For more information, see the Classroom Uses section of our website.

I am a history teacher. Is StudySync appropriate for my students?

StudySync is designed to be used across disciplines. In fact, the ability for StudySync to help scaffold reading based on student interest and the complexity of various texts, makes StudySync the perfect tool not only for language arts classrooms, but for science, social studies, history and other subject areas as well. Our library of over 1000 texts can be filtered by author, title, keyword, genre, subject area, and additional parameters, allowing for a teacher in any discipline to quickly locate texts that are appropriate for their subject and students.

What do I need to use StudySync? Do all my students need a computer?

All you need to access StudySync is a desktop, laptop, or mobile device with an internet connection and a browser. You can use StudySync in a one computer classroom, BYOD environment, or a multiple computer classroom or lab.  Optional print resources are also available to support your classroom.

Does StudySync provide access to full texts?

StudySync does provide access to .ePub and .pdf versions of full texts for those available in the public domain. For other excerpts, StudySync provides links to resellers in the library.

Excerpts in the StudySync® library are intended as touchstones to generate interest in an author's work. StudySync® believes that such passages do not substitute for the reading of entire texts and strongly recommends that students seek out and engage the whole literary or informational work.

How do I purchase StudySync?

StudySync is available in the US as a one year or multiple year subscription through our sales and marketing partner, McGraw-Hill Education. To purchase a subscription, simply click here.


Can I try StudySync without obligation?

Sign up for a free trial sample here. To request a pilot in the US and use StudySync in your classroom now, contact your local McGraw-Hill Education representative or customer support team to learn more at (800) 437-3715 or visit

Can I access StudySync from home?

Yes. Not only can you access all of the StudySync features from your home, including the lessons, the library, and the classroom management and assessment tools, you can also access all of your students' Binders, giving you the ability to read and assess writing assignments, communicate with students, and post or update assignments with any device connected to the internet. Students can also access StudySync anywhere, anytime, with any device with internet access as well as utilize optional print support. 

How do I set up my students in the management system?

Once you have your teacher account, students will need to be set up with student accounts and grouped according to your roster of classes.  Many districts handle the import and rostering of students, then teachers simply manage students in their own ConnectED account. Check with your school or MHE Sales Representative for more information on how student accounts are set up at your school, then visit the StudySync Online Professional Development Course to guide you through the set up of your classes and subgroups.