Connect to the Common Core Standards

“To become college- and career-ready, students must grapple with works of exceptional craft and thought whose range extends across genres, cultures, and centuries.”

From the Common Core Standards Initiative

With StudySync, It’s Easy to Align Your Lessons to the Common Core

When students are inspired, anything is possible. Bring great ideas and Common Core objectives forward for the next generation with 21st century relevance. StudySync’s library motivates students to read a wide range of texts of varying complexity. Our writing prompts are based on specific Common Core objectives, allowing teachers to easily create assignments and make assessments based on specific learning goals.

Ten Ways StudySync Helps You Meet Common Core Goals

  1. Engages students in the close reading of texts

  2. Allows for learning any time, anywhere

  3. Provides access to hundreds of fiction and nonfiction texts aligned to the Common Core

  4. Ensures texts vary in range, level, and complexity

  5. Promotes literary discussion – online and offline

  6. Models academic research, analysis, collaboration, and appropriate discussion

  7. Provides a direct read-write connection

  8. Offers multiple ways to differentiate instruction for struggling and advanced readers

  9. Connects and motivates students to read and write about real world events

  10. Supports the development of literacy skills across all disciplines.

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