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Today’s students are deeply immersed in social learning. They are continually accessing and sharing information, communicating on multiple platforms, and consuming and creating diverse forms of media. In short they are becoming digital citizens.

StudySync engages these digitally-connected students with media-rich learning experiences, real-world topics, and a direct read-write connection, while giving teachers flexible digital tools and engaging print resources supporting teaching, differentiation, and standards-based assessment.


Five Key Benefits for Students

A Dynamic Literacy Curriculum Designed for the 21st Century Learner

StudySync draws students into texts and informational content with dramatic, movie-like previews, award-winning StudySync® TV episodes modeling appropriate student discussion and collaboration, SkillsTV videos exploring literacy concepts with relatable student narrators, and social media-like current events Blasts discussions.The result? Engaged and motivated students building mastery of essential reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Rigorous Standards-based ELA Instruction

With StudySync, intentional, connected literacy instruction is made possible using digital tools and engaging print resources to ensure teachers can provide students a systematic path to success. At its core, StudySync is an integrated reading, writing, and review platform, designed to advance critical thinking, reading, writing, language, speaking and listening skills, and address critical language standards. StudySync's curriculum ensures rigorous, focused core ELA/ELD instruction and standards-based assessment. 

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access

With StudySync, there are no boundaries to learning. Students can complete assignments anytime, anywhere, on any device—effortlessly extending the learning experience beyond the classroom. A student app is available to work on assignments both on and offline. 

Differentiation with a Difference

StudySync provides multiple ways for teachers to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of a classroom with a mix of interests, learning styles, and skill levels. Learning supports are embedded throughout for all levels of learners, including reluctant and advanced readers, and English language learners. Assignments can be targeted to whole classes, small groups, or even individual students. Assignments can be scaffolded based on students' reading abiities and educational goals with customizable writing prompts, rubrics, and assessments. Student Reading and Writing Companions support differentiated instruction and low-tech environments.

Multiple Implementation Models

Teachers can follow the instructional path for StudySync's Core ELA Curriculum utilizing the four Thematic Units at each grade level, or build a syllabus from the ground up using StudySync’s extensive digital library of texts, customizable writing prompts and rubrics, and multimedia lessons. By integrating technology—dynamic experiences that students crave, like video previews and dramatic audio, theatrical reads, peer-to-peer interaction, and Twitter-like Blasts—students gain knowledge and skills, in ways that relate to their world.

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The Student Experience

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The Teacher Experience

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