StudySync Improves Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

In our inter-connected world, reading, writing and critical thinking skills are more important than ever. StudySync motivates students to read and write at progressively higher levels. It gives students what they need in the format they demand, with a dynamic digital library and multi-media assignments with reading, writing, peer review, and discussion.

Five Key Benefits for Students

Embedded Literacy Skills for 21st Century Learners

StudySync engages students deeply and intuitively through multi-media, peer reviews focused on the Common Core Standards, accessible models of student engagement, and diverse and immersive text selections. The result? Engaged and motivated students with highly developed conceptual understanding and a mastery of essential reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Get to the Common Core of Learning

StudySync is your Common Core solution.  It unleashes the power of traditional and contemporary texts with dynamic multimedia features that support learners at all levels. StudySync library items, writing prompts, and lessons are all tied to the Common Core Standards, allowing you easily to assign lessons based on specific standards.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

A student’s life is full of distractions. StudySync cuts through the noise with an anywhere/any device program incorporating a visual world that students relate to: wherever they happen to be. With StudySync, there are no boundaries to learning. Students can complete assignments anywhere and on any device—extending the learning experience beyond the classroom. StudySync is also available in other platforms such as e-books and more.

Differentiation with a Difference

StudySync provides multiple ways for teachers to differentiate instruction and develop appropriate responses to intervention. Assignments can be targeted to whole classes, small groups, or individual students to ensure instruction of targeted skills. Texts, prompts, and assessments can be customized based on group or individual educational goals. Learning supports are embedded throughout for all levels of learners, including reluctant readers, as well as ELL students. StudySync’s classroom management and assessment tools are flexible and easy to use, putting curriculum and instruction decisions directly in the hands of teachers.

Multiple Implementation Models

Teachers can integrate StudySync assignments into their existing lesson plans or build a syllabus from the ground up using StudySync’s extensive library, writing prompts, video lessons, and peer review.  Both web-based and on-site professional development is available to support successful implementation within a single classroom or throughout an entire school or district. By integrating the latest innovations in technology—dynamic experiences that students crave, like video trailers and dramatic audio, theatrical reads, peer to peer interaction, and even twitter-like blasts—students are gaining knowledge and skills, in ways that relate to their world.

StudySync Meets the Needs of Students & Teachers

The Student Experience

Innovative Curriculum for Today’s Classrooms

The Teacher Experience

Your Solution to the Common Core Requirements