What Students Are Saying


Senior at Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning (Denver, CO)

"StudySync is a great tool for learning. Its online interface feels extremely smooth and is very easy to navigate and use. StudySync is a system where the student reads a block of text and then writes an essay catering to the questions posed for each individual excerpt. The text is presented well and the option of listening to the text is also available. After the student is done with the text, on some assignments there is a Sync-TV episode. Sync-TV is a video where students are gathered and they actually discuss the same texts that I had to write about in my essay. I loved the Sync-TV videos because they were really helpful in getting me going in the right direction, and also thinking about what I could write about.

After the essays are completed, I could review other student's essays. The review process is what helped me most as a student. I was also able to read comments from my peers. It was in this section that I learned the most about my own writing. Having feedback and then having the opportunity to put changes into my own writing from the feedback on the next assignment was awesome."


Senior at San Domenico School (San Anselmo, CA)

"When asked to try out the new StudySync program, I had initial doubts. I was pretty confident in my writing abilities, and I didn't see how this new computer program would help me. Having tried and disliked many other writing programs before, I started StudySync with a slightly pessimistic outlook. However, as soon as I completed my first assignment, my view of StudySync shifted dramatically. StudySync is a truly wonderful program.

One of the best aspects of StudySync is the peer review. I loved reading other student's responses and seeing how they had interpreted the same question. It was really beneficial to my own writing to identify the aspects of other responses that made them clear, articulate, and complete. I could then incorporate those techniques into my own responses. Also, by being able to correct and give helpful suggestions to my peers, I began to develop what I really thought made up a good essay. Therefore, I began checking to see if I was taking my own advice, and writing what I believed was an adequate and good essay.

Also, the assignments and texts in StudySync are extremely succinct and to the point. I always felt that the passage chosen was complete but not overly lengthy. Therefore, StudySync became something I looked forward to, not something I 'had to do.'

I genuinely looked forward to seeing what other people thought of my writing, and each time I wanted to improve my ratings and get better comments. I thoroughly enjoyed my participation with StudySync and would recommend it to any school, student, or writer."


Senior at San Domenico School (San Anselmo, CA)

"StudySync is an engaging tool that helped me improve my writing and reading comprehension on many levels. While using the product, the anonymity was a key aspect that allowed me to critique other people's writing honestly, and also receive unbiased reviews. The peer review process was very helpful because it allowed me to see the different types of writing and look to what I could aspire to in my writing. I also became aware of the importance of clarity, structure, and voice when critiquing other essays that were not as strong. I received a reality check myself when my reviews had similar threads, such as 'Your writing is too wordy! Get to the point!' As I completed each assignment, I noticed a big improvement in my writing, but also a large improvement in the writing I was reviewing. I believe this was because once one person submitted an excellent and succinct essay, the caliber for the entire group was set higher and we all wanted to improve.

StudySync also managed to make writing cool and exciting. I found the reading engaging, and I enjoyed watching the students discuss the texts in the Sync-TV. Watching the actors discuss the texts brought up certain aspects that I had not noticed when originally reading it. It also served as a break for my brain to digest the work I just read before jumping in to begin writing. Once I actually began the writing process I had not only read the text, but also received different perspectives on the significance that I could bring up in my essay.

The product is also very organized and modern looking. I felt very high-tech when submitting my assignments on StudySync, and I believe other students would enjoy having lessons through the StudySync product. In my high school English classes we discuss certain novels and critique each other on our writing. However, StudySync is able to accomplish all those aspects in a direct and efficient manner. While using the product, you will never find yourself on a tangent like you may in class. I would recommend StudySync to any student or teacher because it is a fresh and innovative way for students to improve their writing."