Increase Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

In today's world engaging students is increasingly difficult. How can teachers use technology to engage students without sacrificing key educational goals?

StudySync is a web-delivered product designed to increase reading, writing, and critical thinking with award-winning lessons aligned to the Common Core Standards for grades 4 - 12.

Extensive Digital Library

Online access to hundreds of classic and contemporary texts—both fiction and nonfiction—based on the Common Core Appendix B exemplars.

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Weekly Writing Practice

StudySync’s “Blasts” challenge students to analyze topics of current cultural significance, giving them the opportunity to voice informed opinions on topics that matter.

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Online Writing and Peer Review

A proprietary process designed to improve reading and writing skills and increase the amount of time students spend engaged with subject matter from all curricular areas.

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Common Core Assignments & Assessments

Teacher-created writing prompts and assessment rubrics that align learning objectives and outcomes directly to the Common Core.

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Award-Winning Multimedia Lessons

High quality media-driven lessons with explicit instruction as well as engaging models of academic discussion and collaboration.

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Flexible Instructional Models

Classroom management tools allow for scaffolding, differentiated instruction, and multiple assessments.

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