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Easily manage your classroom and differentiate instruction with StudySync. StudySync’s classroom management and assessment tools are designed for flexibility and easy implementation, putting curriculum and instruction decisions directly in the hands of the teacher

Five Ways StudySync’s Classroom Management Tools Empower Teachers

Target Specific Learning Objectives and Skills

StudySync provides ample opportunity to promote whole and small group instruction as well as independent work.

Create Assignments Based on Individual Needs

Teachers can easily create assignments based on whole class, small group, or individual needs.

Create Assignments Based on Lexile® Level or Literacy Standards

StudySync provides Lexile® levels and literacy standards-based alignments for Library items.

Utilize a Diverse Array of Assignments

Teachers can offer assignments directly from grade-level units or library items and can develop prompts and assignments from any library selection, their own texts, or even create their own stand-alone writing prompts.

Create an Expanded Community of Learners

Teachers can share lessons and library items with teachers within their own school or district.

Assess. Address. Success!

Multiple Forms of Assessment

StudySync provides multiple means for formative assessment of student skills as well as formative evaluation of development over an extended period of time.

Rubrics Tied to Literacy Standards

By receiving multiple standards-based assessments, familiarity grows, and students writing and critical thinking skills improve allowing them to reach these standards.

Timely Feedback

Student writing is available for peer review and teacher assessment as soon as it is submitted online, providing for more efficient feedback than if a paper were to be passed in, graded, and returned at a later date.

Assignment Flexibility

StudySync gives teachers the flexibility to quickly assess student work and to adjust the reading selections and writing prompts to suit students’ skill levels.

A Dynamic Portfolio of Student Work

All student work is stored in an online binder. This online writing portfolio allows teachers to assess student work both the moment it is submitted and over time.

“StudySync is a powerful tool that students and teachers can use in the pursuit of authentic literacy.”

Brad Shurmantine
Dean of Academics at Vintage High School, Napa Valley, CA

A Simple, Proven Way to Integrate

StudySync offers more than implementation of a best-in-class web-based learning environment. Our team of technology experts and former teachers provides knowledgeable and responsive customer support and professional development. 

Professional Development & Support

Need support? Whether onsite or online, our multi-faceted professional development includes sessions that are designed to introduce the program, build upon current classroom practices, promote ongoing best practices, and adapt to the unique needs of a building or district. Please contact us to learn more about the professional development offering that best meets your needs.