StudySync® TV: A Dynamic Learning Experience for the Next Generation of Learners

Learning is social. It’s collaborative. When students discuss what they’ve read, when they build on each other’s ideas, they construct meaning, think critically, and increase comprehension.

Raise the Level of Discussion in Your Classroom

StudySync® TV episodes are short, scripted video lessons that model academic study groups and collaborative interaction for students. Peer narrators engage, interact, and communicate as they explore and analyze the words of great authors, gaining a better understanding of how to read and analyze an author’s work, how to build context for broader understanding, and how to construct meaning from a variety of texts.

In addition to the video episodes, StudySync® TV lessons include rich visual introductions to the text that engage students and provide additional context.  Lessons also include a diverse selection of text excerpts from the StudySync library with reading supports students can access directly online, making StudySync® TV effective for all levels of learners. Supports include an audio reading of the text as well as the ability to annotate the text. 

To further build comprehension skills, StudySync lessons include a proprietary online writing and peer review process that is supported by level-appropriate writing prompts tied to literacy standards.

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With StudySync® TV, You Can…

Improve Academic Discussion

StudySync® TV episodes model the types of discussions students need to engage in to further their academic careers. By engaging with StudySync® TV, students gain a deeper understanding of how to collaborate with their peers and how to discuss and interpret texts from the “big idea” level down to line-level analysis.

Increase Reading and Writing

StudySync® TV exposes students to a variety of texts. Through a dynamic video presentation, students watch as StudySync characters discuss why reading classic and contemporary works still matters. Literary and historical themes are brought to life, providing pathways for students to engage and connect with texts they might otherwise have thought were too difficult to undertake.

Reinforce Writing Skills

After watching StudySync® TV, students not only analyze texts more deeply, but also discuss and respond to specific writing prompts. Students learn important close-reading skills and then apply those skills to respond effectively in writing supporting their arguments, citing specific words and phrases from the text, and incorporating additional research when necessary.

Encourage Learning Anytime, Anywhere

As with all StudySync features, StudySync® TV episodes can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device, providing teachers the flexibility to use StudySync® TV as an in-class discussion starter or as a homework assignment to spark student writing.

“StudySync is, quite simply, flawless: from its extremely high production quality to its pedagogy and professional, highly engaging narrations.”

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