The StudySync Library Brings Texts to Life

Can learning be captivating? Absolutely! StudySync boasts a rich digital library of hundreds of diverse texts that fire the imaginations of students. Our expansive selection of texts supports a disciplinary literacy approach and fosters the advancement of reading and writing in all curricular areas.

Excerpts in the StudySync® library are intended as touchstones to generate interest in an author's work. StudySync® believes that such passages do not substitute for the reading of entire texts and strongly recommends that students seek out and engage the whole literary or informational work.

Fire up the Imagination of Your Students

Using technology in ways that are relevant and familiar to students' daily lives, StudySync improves reading, writing, and critical thinking through video, dramatic web episodes, music, and dynamic audio to enrich students' reading experience.

The StudySync Library Includes:

  • Fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction texts and text excerpts correlated to the Common Core and searchable by Lexile® and grade level
  • Multimedia supports, including video lessons and audio recordings, for improved reading comprehension
  • Engaging writing prompts for each text selection, along with the ability for teachers to create their own prompts
  • Movie-like previews of texts that engage students and provide context for their reading
  • Customizable features, including the ability for teachers to add their own texts and create their own personal libraries
  • An assignment tool that allows teachers to create assignments directly from a selected text

A Growing Digital Library of 550+ Classic and Modern Texts

Experience Our Digital Library

Key Benefits Include

A Strong Foundation

With hundreds of fiction and non-fiction texts to choose from, students gain exposure to the great works of the centuries in formats that encourage exploration through multiple genres, authors, and time periods.

Alignment to the Common Core

Many text selections appear in the Common Core’s Appendix B. The library’s writing prompts support the Common Core Standards for ELA and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.

Multiple Supports for Readers at All Levels

Text selections include multimedia supports and audio recordings for improved reading comprehension, including English Language Learners. Video selections are closed-captioned and students are able to annotate texts online.

Flexible Assignments in All Curricular Areas

The library is cross-disciplinary. Teachers can easily make reading and writing assignments directly from the library, aligning assignments to their own curricula and learning objectives for a whole class, small group, or individual student.

Customization for Your Own Personal Library

Teachers can easily add their own selections to the StudySync library, allowing them to create personal digital libraries based on class syllabi for entire semesters or reading or writing assignments for specific days.

High Interest Selections

Texts are chosen from traditional and contemporary canons, providing important touchstones that inspire students to read the complete work and allowing teachers to scaffold assignments based on students’ interests, reading abilities, or individual learning objectives.

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