Join the Conversation: It’s a Blast

What’s happening in the world today? And what do students think about those events? StudySync Blasts offer a real-world read-write connection for students and give students the opportunity to voice informed opinions on topics that matter.

What is a StudySync Blast?

“Blasts” are short reading and writing assignments based on timely, high-interest topics of cultural significance. Students respond in short answer format, engaging in a thoughtful discussion with students across the globe. It’s engaging. It’s addictive. It’s a smart way to build vital critical thinking, writing and research skills!  

Sample Blast topics have included:

  • Famine in Somalia: Are We Numb to Suffering?
  • Super Bowl: What Does the Game’s Popularity Say About Modern American Culture?
  • Women in Combat: Should They Fight?
  • The Perfect Storm: What Lessons Can Be Learned from the Disasters in Japan?
  • New! Listen Current Blasts with Audio - Izembek National Wildlife Refuge: How can we balance the needs of people and the environment?

Five Ways StudySync Blasts Get Students Writing

  1. Blasts provide regular read/write connections sent to students on a weekly basis.
  2. Blasts offer students high interest writing prompts designed to increase engagement and motivation.
  3. Blasts encourage thoughtful writing in a succinct, engaging format.
  4. Blasts allow students to add their voice to a global conversation about local and world events.
  5. Blasts can be customized for a school’s particular needs. Teachers can create Blasts based on local or regional events, engaging students in a discussion on a topic relevant to their everyday lives.

“For any teacher struggling to engage today's ever-wired students in conversations about literature, StudySync is the perfect product.”

Carol Jago
Past President, National Council of Teachers of English, Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA

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