Join the Conversation: It’s a Blast

What’s happening in the world today? And what do students think about those events? StudySync Blasts offer a real-world read-write connection for students and give students the opportunity to voice informed opinions on topics that matter.

What is a StudySync Blast?

Blasts are short daily reading and writing assignments allowing students to express their opinions on high-interest topics, sparking debate on a mediated, online social network.

Students respond in short answer format, engaging in a thoughtful discussion with students across the globe. It’s engaging. It’s addictive. It’s a smart way to build vital critical thinking, writing and research skills!  

Sample Blast lessons have included:

  • What ideas can you suggest to improve school design? (with an original audio podcast)
  • How has the practice of “binge watching” changed television?
  • How is the role of women expanding in the U.S. military?
  • How important is it to be popular on social media?
  • Listenwise Blasts (with audio) - What do lengthy presidential campaigns say about the state of our election process?

Six Ways StudySync Blasts Get Students Writing

  1. Blasts are added daily, providing students with regular read/write opportunities to build vital research, writing, and critical-thinking skills.
  2. Blasts offer students high interest topics of cultural significance designed to increase engagement and motivation.
  3. Blasts encourage thoughtful writing in a succinct, engaging format requiring students to express their opinions in 140 characters or less.
  4. Blasts allow students to participate in thoughtful discussions for an authentic audience of peers.
  5. Teachers can customize or create Blasts based on local or regional events, engaging students in topics relevant to their everyday lives. 
  6. With 3 Lexile® levels of research content, Blasts can be customized to scaffold for varying levels of learners.


“For any teacher struggling to engage today's ever-wired students in conversations about literature, StudySync is the perfect product.”

Carol Jago
Past President, National Council of Teachers of English, Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA

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