A Peer Review Process that Speaks Volumes

Exclusive to StudySync, our peer review feature is a collaborative learning tool that provides anonymous, randomized peer review assignments to students once they have completed their own assignment-- initiating a cycle of analyzing, writing, and revising, while providing students with critical, timely feedback. 

Increase and Improve Writing in Your Classroom

Engaging Format

No more passing papers or assigning groups. StudySync’s digital writing and peer review platform provides a direct read-write connection with frequent opportunities to easily and meaningfully respond to texts and review peers' work online.

Timely Critique and Review

Students receive timely, constructive feedback soon after an assignment is completed, encouraging effective, thoughtful revision and analysis of their own work. Peer Review helps reinforce the importance of the student’s voice as they write to express their own ideas to their peers.

Multiple Forms of Writing

Writing prompts and assignments focus on multiple forms of writing, including expository, narrative, and persuasive modes, while peer review provides students with open form space to express candid feedback.

Customizable Prompts and Standards-based Rubrics

Teachers are provided writing prompts and rubrics tied to literacy-based standards and performance tasks, plus can easily create their own prompts and rubrics based on particular learning goals and objectives. 


Five Key Benefits

  1. Students gain experience writing and reviewing to literacy standards-based prompts and rubrics.

  2. Students improve their own writing by reviewing and evaluating the writing of their peers.

  3. Reviews are anonymous for students -  removing the social dynamics that often come with peer review.

  4. Rubrics are customizable, allowing teachers to target specific learning goals.

  5. Teachers are in control with full access to turn peer review on/off, view all student work, reviews, and reviewer names, plus remove any inappropriate reviews.


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