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Posted by Jenny Brown on December 05, 2013 |

New StudySync Featured Teacher Tips Showcase In-Class Innovation

At StudySync, we know that true education innovation takes place in the classroom. We are thrilled when we hear how StudySync teachers are using our resources to customize the curriculum in their classrooms and enhance learning. And that's why we've developed a new StudySync resource: Featured Teacher Tips.

Our Featured Teacher Tips showcase innovative users sharing how they are implementing StudySync features to fit their classroom needs and engage students. To help us get started, blended learning specialist, Google-Certified Teacher, and StudySync-user, Catlin Tucker, has created a number of Featured Teacher Tip screencasts that provide a window into her classroom.



So far Catlin’s tips cover:

Listen Edition Blasts
New StudySync Units
TubeChop and Linking Videos
Creating Your Own Blast
Customizing Rubrics
Customizing Peer Review Criteria
Student Peer Review Critiques

Check out these initial videos, and then tune in each week for new teacher tips from Catlin and other innovators around the country.

For more in-depth StudySync user interviews, check out our series of Featured Teacher Webinars, available on both YouTube and SchoolTube.  Watch and listen to discover new implementation ideas for your classroom.

And don't forget to let us know when you're ready to show off a Featured Teacher Tip highlighting noteworthy ways you are using StudySync with your own students!

--The StudySync Implementation Team

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