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StudySync’s Engaging Blast Content for 2014

Posted by Diane Cadogan on January 07, 2014 |


Kick off 2014 with StudySync’s new Science, History, and Social Science Blast topics for Elementary, Middle School, and High School students. Plus, look for the Listen Edition logo for more audio-enhanced Blasts that engage students in close reading, listening, and critical thinking skills.

Delve into these top debates in January:

Week of 1/8
Science - Are there other habitable planets out there?
Science/Health - How does bacteria shape our personalities?

Week of 1/15
Science & Technology - Delivery Drones: new convenience or new nightmare?
History - How can you make MLK Day a day on, not a day off?

Week of 1/22
Learning - Should schools still teach cursive?
In The News - How are the Winter Olympics impacting Sochi, the 2014 host?
Social Science - The Millennial Generation: selfish or searching?

Week of 1/29
In the News - Talent or marketing? How do bands like One Direction become so popular?
Learning - Is getting rid of homework the answer for struggling US students?



Login to StudySync to assign these and over 250 additional Blasts with your students. And, look forward to February Blasts that explore questions like: How much should immigrants have to do to become citizens of a new country? Why do humans kiss?

StudySync loves the recent praise from high school teacher, Jodee Boehm, at Providence High School, Charlotte Mecklenburg School District, Charlotte, NC, about our Blasts, online writing, and student skill development:

“I have used Beowulf and The Raven for major units and followed the provided lesson plans. I often use the Blasts to focus on a specific writing skill we've been working on or to enhance current events discussions. Whoever is coming up with your Blast topics is super in touch with what teens are interested in reading.

I also find that my students respond to any writing prompt better if it's on StudySync, and they know it will be read by their peers...Please share with all of the StudySync family that in 30+ years of teaching I have NEVER seen the kind of progress I am seeing now. The coolest thing, too, is that they are taking their new skills and confidence with them when they leave my room.”

StudySync looks forward to even more students joining our national Blast discussions in 2014!


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