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StudySync Student Election Results

Posted by Diane Cadogan on November 08, 2016 |

The results are in. With 17,588 votes cast from over 20 states, students voted in favor of electing the first female President of the United States.

Throughout the day, StudySync students cast their votes by responding to the Blast, "If you could fill out a ballot this year, which candidate would you choose for president?" Votes came in steadily over the course of the afternoon and through the evening. The final tally resulted with Hillary Clinton being elected by students as the next President of the United States. 

How did this compare to our preliminary election poll on September 7, 2016? Since the initial polling of students, Democratic and Republican candidates gained ground, while third-party candidates lost votes. And, we are happy to report that a lower percentage of students chose not to vote at all in today's election. 

As the evening draws to a close, we will see who the nation chooses!


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