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StudySync® Mobile Apps for Students

Posted by Diane Cadogan on January 20, 2016 |

StudySync has introduced StudySync Mobile Apps for Students including: iOS for Apple iPads and iPhones, Android for phones and tablets, and Chrome. These new student mobile apps can be downloaded by visiting the appropriate provider’s app store.


The StudySync Student Mobile Apps are ideal for devices that travel with students as they can be used both online and offline. Students may only have internet access at school where their assignments are downloaded/synced to the app automatically every time they log in to the app. Once everything has been synced, the student can then work offline in the app without needing internet access to complete their assignments. Students have access to their Assignments tab while working offline, and to all assignment pieces, including videos, which downloaded at the timed they last synced.

When back online, students need to log in to the app to sync any work that was completed offline (which will then be submitted to the teacher), and to receive any new assignments and reviews to complete. The device does remember the time and date when students click “Submit” whether online or offline, and this is the time/date recorded for the teacher, so offline work would not be considered late, when synced after the due date/time. 

Students will discover that the mobile app view in their StudySync student accounts has been upgraded with an improved student assignment workflow. All “to do” work is now easily found in the Assignments navigation tab  including all Blasts and Reviews. The new view has been implemented for StudySync’s mobile apps and will be rolled out to browsers in 2016. While the app provides the extra ability to work on assignments when offline, all of the other functions available in the app are also available in the browser-based version of StudySync. These apps are specifically designed for student use and are not applicable for teachers accessing their own accounts.

Advantages of StudySync Student Apps:

• The apps are helpful in classrooms where internet access may be inconsistent. Students will be able to continue working regardless of the availability of an internet connection.

• Mobile apps take up less bandwidth – for example, for a classroom with 30 students on iPads, using the StudySync mobile app will use less of the school’s bandwidth and ease- of-access should run more smoothly.

• Multiple users can securely set up accounts through the app on a single device with the use of a unique StudySync App Key and pin number. The StudySync team does recommend assigning a specific device to a student in a shared device classroom or computer lab setting, as a student’s account through the app needs to be set up on each individual device that they use.

• Improved user interface for students to easily view, complete, and submit assignments.

Your StudySync students will be excited about the ease of use of the new student mobile apps. Have your students visit their device provider’s app store today to download and start exploring.

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