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StudySync Launches SyncBlasts for Social Studies and Science

Posted by Diane Cadogan on September 14, 2018 |

College and career readiness requires students to possess important critical thinking skills necessary to navigate the complex and ever-changing social, cultural, and media landscape of the 21st century. Seeking to support students in this pursuit, StudySync® has launched SyncBlasts™ for social studies and science to help build these essential skills.

Have you used StudySync’s Blasts in our English Language Arts product and know your social studies or science colleagues would love them? Or, have you learned about Blasts at an educators’ conference and felt they would be a great tool for your classroom? Well, we have good news as StudySync has launched super-charged Blasts, called SyncBlasts, designed specifically for social studies and science classrooms that not only contain original audio and video resources including content channel Previews, and  The Point news show, but also podcasts, SyncSkills videos, Explainer videos, infographics, and more.

The appeal of SyncBlasts is that it connects social studies and science curriculum to the daily lives of students. Lessons illuminate clear connections between content standards and the contemporary world, and the SyncBlasts platform allows teachers to leverage the power of social learning in a safe, mediated environment.

SyncBlasts’ variety of high-quality, relevant media is unmatched and continues to grow and evolve. It’s our expectation that it will spark meaningful conversations in classrooms throughout the country,” said Robert Romano, Co-Founder and CEO of StudySync.

It’s All in the Details and Cross-Curricular!
As we developed SyncBlasts we paid particular attention to the details. Our new offering includes hundreds of articles and videos that are aligned to social studies and science content standards and appropriate and relevant for both middle school and high school students. Using inquiry-based driving questions and standards-aligned curricula, students can build content knowledge and develop reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills within the context of two subjects -- social studies and science.

SyncBlasts is a flexible curriculum companion, designed to work with different teaching styles and variable class lengths. Every SyncBlast is available in multiple Lexile®-levels and scaffolds ensure English Learners and approaching grade-level learners can access every lesson. We went the extra mile in making sure that StudySync publishes new SyncBlasts each school day and a weekly SyncBlast is also offered in Spanish.

Romano explains, “SyncBlasts empowers students to think critically about the world and to consider the thoughts and perspectives of others even as they express informed opinions of their own. SyncBlasts ignites students’ desire to learn with its engaging, interactive format that emphasizes collaboration and social learning.”

For Teachers
And we didn’t forget about our teachers. A huge time-saving feature:, SyncBlasts conveniently houses everything needed to help students to dive in and research topics, from vetted articles to trusted news sources such as Reuters, Global Press Journal, and News Literacy Project. SyncBlasts are also designed to encourage all students to voice their opinions, backing them with evidence through access to comprehensive research content, plus video, audio, and writing supports.

And if you aren’t sold already, here are the top reasons to teach with SyncBlasts!

• Inspire students to see themselves as historians, critical thinkers, and change makers
• Present historical and current events from diverse perspectives and making connections to students’ everyday lives
• Focus on the history and cultures of those who have been overlooked and underrepresented
• Deliver text for struggling to advanced readers, so that all students can participate in ongoing discussions about local and global issues
• Apply an inquiry approach to develop students’ thematic and conceptual understanding, while applying literacy skills in the context of content

For a virtual tour of SyncBlasts, click here. For more information about the SyncBlast platform, contact a sales representative, and to sample, visit here.