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StudySync® Integrates Google Docs

Posted by Diane Cadogan on February 11, 2016 |

The new StudySync Google Docs integration creates a seamless process for students to complete written assignments within Google Docs, as an alternative to using the default StudySync web editor. By leveraging the power of Google Docs, students receive a host of benefits such as:

-Powerful editing functions
-More advanced formatting capabilities
-Unlimited revision history
-Ability to work anywhere Google Docs is available (including Google Docs apps)
-Multimedia upload and submission

How does it work? 

Teachers can enable/disable Google Docs integration through their Profile settings by selecting or de-selecting “Allow Google Docs” and then clicking “Update.” With Google Docs enabled, assignments will have a new Google Docs toolbar appear at the bottom of the “Write” box, and students with Google accounts will have the option to work on any “Write” assignments in either Google Docs or StudySync’s default web editor. Students are not required to work in Google Docs, it is simply an option.

When a student starts working on a "Write" assignment in StudySync within a browser, there is an option to create a new document in Google Docs or open an existing document already started in Google Docs.* StudySync connects the assignment with the file and will remember which file the student is working on in Google Docs, if not immediately submitted.

When the student has finished working in Google Docs, he or she chooses “Preview” in the StudySync assignment to see how the submission will look to their peers and teacher, and then must click “Submit." After submitting, the response is then available within StudySync for peer review and in teacher Reports, just as if it were written in the default StudySync editor.

When students complete their assignments in Google Docs, the process is completely seamless for the teacher. Teachers can log in and assess student submissions in the assignment Reports, just as if they were submitted by the default editor. If students use Google Docs for an assignment, it will be noted at the bottom of the student response page in the teacher view. The link to the actual Google doc will work only if the student has already shared it with the teacher from their Google account.

Many schools utilize Google Docs across the curriculum and this new option within StudySync now brings flexibility to students to access a writing platform they are comfortable and familiar with, in addition to providing more robust editing and formatting tools.

Explore here for teacher and student instructions and tips for StudySync Google Doc integration.


*The Google Doc Integration is for use with StudySync within a browser. This integration is not
currently available when students are logged in through a StudySync Mobile App.

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