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Listen Edition Brings Public Radio to StudySync’s Popular Blasts

Posted by Jenny Brown on October 24, 2013 |

StudySync is excited to announce our partnership with Listen Edition, a company that brings the power of the public radio to the classroom while building essential listening skills required for the Common Core.  This month, we launched a new series of Blasts developed in conjunction with Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO and Founder of Listen Edition. Brady-Myerov brings her award-winning public radio journalism experience to our popular Blast feature.

StudySync Blasts are short Tweet-length reading and writing assignments with associated research materials based on timely, high-interest topics of cultural significance. Blasts offer real-world read-write connections for students and give them the opportunity to voice informed opinions on topics that matter. With their short-form response format, top-ten lists, quick polls, and research links, Blasts are appealing to students and a popular feature among teachers.

StudySync’s new Listen Edition Blasts incorporate audio components designed to expand the scope of our resources to help support teachers in meeting Common Core shifts emphasizing critical thinking and listening skills practice.

Each Listen Edition Blast includes a voice-over introduction by Brady-Myerov and is linked to a public radio story that students listen to as part of their research.  Learn more about our first audio-enhanced Blast about the proposed eleven-mile road through an Alaskan wildlife refuge here.

“I’m truly thrilled that the Listen Edition StudySync Blasts encourage students to talk about public radio stories and provide opportunities to build critical thinking and listening skills,” says Brady-Myerov.  Read more about the new partnership on the Listen Edition blog.

And the new Listen Edition Blasts are already, well, a blast with students and teachers!

On Twitter, we heard from @MrsLMWoods, who shared:

@studysync‬‬‬ Ss love the new listen editions of the Middle School Blasts. Ss beg for them each week.

Catlin Tucker, a blended learning advocate, teacher, and StudySync user, tried the Listen Edition Blasts with her students and describes the experience on her blog. “I love public radio and was super excited to try it out,” she writes.

My students began their Blast assignment, and my room erupted in the sound of crickets. I had 32 students with a hodgepodge of devices listening to a public radio clip about eating insects. Their eyes lit up when they heard the sounds and their noses wrinkled as they imagined dining on creepy crawly insects! It was fun to just observe their reactions. They respond instantly to media!

CLICK HERE to read more about Tucker’s first Listen Edition assignment, and how she used this real world topic to complement a novel she was teaching in class and engage her students in the discussion.

To really see what the Listen Edition Blasts look like, check out this screencast that Tucker recorded of the Blast she used in her classroom.



For StudySync subscribers and trial users, it’s easy to find the new Listen Edition Blasts in your own account - just head to the Blast tab after you sign in and click the “Listen Edition” search filter.  Don’t have an account yet?  Sign up for a free 60-day trial and join an Introductory Webinar to get started right away!

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