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Blast off in 2016!

Posted by Diane Cadogan on January 05, 2016 |

There is an exciting new development in our Blasts library-- beginning this week, you’ll find a brand new Blast every morning when you log into your StudySync account. This means a new short read/write assignment every day for students to research and express their opinions via StudySync’s mediated, online social network. Utilizing the popular Twitter-like short answer format, students will respond to engaging topics with peers and all the while build vital critical thinking, writing, and research skills. The format is the same, but now there will be a specific thematic focus for each day of the week.

Blasts will continue to cover a variety of relevant and newsworthy topics, from science and technology discoveries to global debates to the issues impacting young people’s lives, but teachers and students can now count on FIVE Blasts each week on the following thematic schedule:

Monday – Top Story
Tuesday – STEM Topics
Wednesday – World News
Thursday – #TBT, a.k.a. History
Friday – Listen Current Audio-Supported Blasts

The entire Blasts index is also at your disposal. All Blasts, both current and past, can be assigned to your students at any time, and are searchable by topic or keyword. And don't forget that you can also create your own Blasts to prompt discussion about locally important topics with your students.

Now you can count on more content in your Blasts library every day. Be sure to check out your Blasts tab to see the latest additions!