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Posted by Diane Cadogan on April 23, 2014 |

When visiting StudySync’s website and exploring StudySync’s digital Blast library, you will quickly come across the logo for Listen Edition. Are you wondering, “What is Listen Edition?” Or, “What is special about these co-branded StudySync - Listen Edition resources?”  Continue reading for the answers to these questions and to learn more about this great resource for your classroom!


What is Listen Edition?

Listen Edition is a trusted partner of StudySync that has launched its own learning product that builds students’ listening comprehension through authentic public radio accounts. Listen Edition curates appropriate public radio stories for students and builds custom lesson plans around them specifically designed to teach the new listening standards identified by the Common Core. By partnering with Listen Edition, StudySync has given a new twist to our popular Blast content, adding relevant radio stories read by award-winning public radio host and Listen Edition’s CEO, Monica Brady Myerov.

Why do some StudySync Blasts have the Listen Edition logo?

Listen Edition public radio stories are incorporated into one StudySync Blast each week for each grade level grouping (elementary, middle, and high school). In these Blasts, students read and listen to an engaging, current event audio segment created by Listen Edition and public radio and then respond to a Blast question.  Students learn critical thinking, problem solving, and global awareness while listening to and studying relevant topics from the world in which they live.  Then, students use the familiar Blast platform to share their thoughts and rate others’ responses nationwide.  You can find all of the audio-enhanced Blasts in the StudySync Blast library by utilizing the Listen Edition search filter.

Recent popular Listen Edition Blast topics include:

In addition to StudySync Blasts to engage students at the start of class, Listen Edition has recently announced the release of daily “Do Now” questions that provide teachers with fresh and quick “bell work” current events questions. Students answer these questions upon arrival, and by the time the initial bell rings, are settled down and ready to dive into the daily lesson.

To get direct access to these free and compelling "Do Now" questions from Listen Edition, visit their website here

Make Listen Edition part of your classroom experience. Once you try StudySync’s Listen Edition Blasts and the new Listen Edition “Do Now” questions, your students will be asking for more!

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